Thanks to funding agreements with our governing bodies and government partners, we are able to provide free courses to registered members of our organisation.

When you submit an expression of interest to complete one of our courses, you'll be asked to provide some information to us that we can use to verify your registration. If you don't provide the information we ask for, it may lead to delays in us being able to verify your membership, and might mean you miss out on attending the course altogether.

One bit of required information that is a little tricky to find is your MySideline ID (also known as your NRL ID). This can easily be obtained from your MySideline Profile, but to help you get there we've provided a short step-by-step guide below.

Step One: Access MySideline

Go to

You will need to ensure you are logged in. If you don't have an NRL/MySideline account, it means you aren't registered.

If you have forgotten your details, you'll need to use the "Forgot Password" link underneath the login button.

Step Two: Go to your profiles

To view any profiles registered under your account, tap/click the menu button at the top-right and choose "My Profile".

Step Three: Get your ID

Note: If you have multiple profiles attached to your account (family members, etc.), be sure to copy the ID number from YOUR profile.

Your ID number will be shown in green at the top-right corner of your profile.